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Acetazolamide Tablets

Acetazolamide Tablets

Acetazolamide tablet Manufacturer Exporter Supplier

Acetazolamide Tablets IP  250 mg                                                  

Each uncoated tablet Contains :

Acetazolamide           250 mg

Healthy Life Pharma is Pioneer Manufacturer Exporter and Supplier of Drugs and Medicine since 1976. Acetazolamide  is Diuretic Medicine used to treat a glaucoma. Healthy life Pharma produce this drugs for Domestics & Export

Healthy Inc Corporation and Healthy life pharma Pvtltd mg,in India and serving the world with bestquality pharmaceutical products.

Acetazolamide tablets Manufacturer


Healthyincorporation and Healthy life pharma Pvt ltd, is Mumbai Based WHO GMPcertified manufacturer of injection, tablets, capsules, liquid, dry syrups,pre-filled syringes, ointments etc. with an extensive experience of over 45years in manufacturing and have reach in many countries. We are committed toprovide a stock of highly effective Acetazolamide tablets to our innumerableclients with the help of our well-experienced pharmaceutical specialists. Acetazolamide is a prescribedmedicine for treating the symptoms of Epilepsy, Seizures, drug induced Edema,acute altitude sickness, and Glaucoma. Acetazolamide can be taken alone or withany other medications. This medicine fit in a class of drugs calledAnticonvulsants, Other; Ant glaucoma, Carbonic Anhydrate Inhibitors. Acetazolamide tablets lower the activity of a proteinin your body called carbonic anhydrate.

glaucoma todecrease the amount of fluid in the eye, which reduces the pressure inside eye.It is also used to treat precise types of seizures, andto treat or prevent altitude sickness. This medicine helps in blocking this proteinwhich helps to reduce the build-up of certain fluids in the body. Acetazolamideis also used as a dilution ("water pill") in people havingcongestive heart failure, to lower thebuild-up of fluid in the body. This fluid build-up is known as Edema. It is recommended to start taking Acetazolamide 1to 2 days before you start to climb. Please do not stop this medicine while youare climbing and for at least 48 hours after you have reached your finalaltitude. It is advisable to continue taking this medicine while staying at thehigh altitude to control your symptoms. If you feel extreme altitude sickness,then you should climb down as quickly Acetazolamide will not protect you fromthe major effects of severe altitude sickness. If you are taking this medicinefor  some another condition such as seizures,then you have to use this medication regularly as directed to get the mostadvantage from it, if taken  at the sametime(s) each day. If you are taking your last dose in the early evening, thenit will help you in avoiding getting up for middle night urination

Additional Information of Acetazolamidetablets:


Product Name                                         Acetazolamidetablets

Composition & Activeingredients         Acetazolamide

Potency                                                    250mg

Therapeutic use                                      Glaucoma,Epilepsy, Edema, Acute Mountain sickness, Congestive Heart Failure

Packing                                                     15Tablets (1 Box)

Dosage                                                     Asper Doctor Prescription


Precautions of Acetazolamide tablets:

Please inform doctor your medical history,especially of adrenal gland problems (such as Addison disease), untreatedmineral balance such as low sodium/potassium, hyper choleric acidosis),dehydration, kidney disease, liver disease, breathing problems, chronicobstructive pulmonary disease, lung infection, diabetes, gout, glaucoma,hyperthyroidism. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breast-feedingmother.


Side Effects of Acetazolamidetablets:


ay arise after starting medication,as your bodies adjust to medicine; if any of your symptoms worsen then consultyour doctor.


If you have any serious allergicreaction tothis drug then , Please get medical help immediately if  you notice any symptoms of a serious allergicreaction,including rash, itching/swelling especially of face, tongue, throat, dizziness and trouble breathing.


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Minimum Order Quantity : 1000
Unit of Price : Box/Boxes
Unit of Measure : Box/Boxes
Price : 40.88 INR
Physical Form : Tablets
Storage Instructions : STORE BELOW 30 DEGREE
Drug Type : General Medicines
Main Domestic Market : All India
Delivery Time : Days
Supply Ability : 1000 Per Day
Usage :- Prevent and reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness
Side effect :- Diuretic drugs
Benefits :- Diuretic drugs
Pcd pharma franchise :-
Pcd marketing :-
Manufacturer :- Healthy Life Pharma Pvt Ltd
Exporter :- Healthy Inc
Supplier :- Healthy Life Pharma Pvt Ltd Healthy Inc
Distributor :- Healthy Life Pharma Pvt Ltd Healthy Inc
Seller :- Healthy Life Pharma Pvt Ltd Healthy Inc
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