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Anti Diarrhea Zinc Sulphate - Zinc Preparation

In Anti Diarrhea-zinc Sulphate or zinc Preparation we are offering formulation of api Zinc Sulphate Capsule ,  Zinc Sulphate Dispersible Tablets, Zinc Acetate , Zinc Gluconate,  etc. in different combination & dosage form like tablets ( sugar coated/ enteric coated/ film coated/ extended release/ slow release/ dispersible tablets/ effervescent tablets), capsule, injection, creams, ointment, syrup, ampoule, liquid tonics, powder, sachets, granules, ors powder etc.

  • Loperamide Hcl 2 Mg
  • Norfloxacin 400 Mg + Metronidazole 500 Mg
  • Norfloxacin 400 Mg + Tinidazole 600 Mg
  • Ofloxacin 200 Mg + Ornidazole 600 Mg
  • Racecadotril 10/30/100 Mg
  • Zinc Sulfate 10mg/20 Mg
  • Zinc Sulfate 10mg/20mg (Dispersible Tablet Usp Or Unicef Standard
  • Healthy Zinc + ORS – 20.0 gm for 1 liter of water
  • Each uncoated dispersible tablet contains: Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate USP
  • Excipients Q.S

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