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Acarbose Tablet

Acarbose Tablet

Healthy In corporation and Healthy life pharma Pvt ltd are one ofthe leading manufacturer,supplier, and exporter of Acarbose tablets 25mg, Acarbosetablets 50mg, inIndia serving the world with best quality pharmaceutical products.



Healthyincorporation and Healthy life pharma PVT ltd, is Mumbai Based WHO GMPcertified manufacturer of injection, tablets, capsules, liquid, dry syrups,pre-filled syringes, ointments etc. with an extensive experience of over 45years in manufacturing and have reach in many countries. We are committed toprovide a stock of highly effective Acarbose tablets to ourinnumerable clients with the help of our well-experienced pharmaceuticalspecialists. Acarbose is the medication prescribed for type 2diabetes, and it belongs to anti - diabetic class of medications. Acarboseworks by bringing down the action of some chemicals in body. Individuals withtype 2 diabetes can't make sufficient insulin or react regularly to the insulinmade by their bodies because of which, the collection of sugar/glucose arise inthe blood.

Uses of Acarbosetablets:

Acarbose acts in more than one way to diminish theundeniable degrees of sugar in blood. Acarbose lessens the glucose creationfrom the liver, which reduces the ingestion of glucose from the digestivesystem after having food and lift the affectability of the body organs andmuscles to insulin. These aides raise the intake of glucose from the blood, andit helps your body to react better to insulin which is made normally.  It is not recommended for those  you have inflammatory bowel disease, an ulcer or blockage in  intestines, or cirrhosis of the liver. Please consult yourDoctor if you are in state of diabeticketoacidosis Acarbose Tablets slow down digestion of carbohydrates intake from meal in the body, which helpscontrol blood sugar levels.It is used to treat non-insulindependent diabetes.This medication decreases your chances of having a heart attack, stroke, orother diabetes-related complications like kidney failure, nerve damage (numb,cold legs or feet; low sexual ability in men and women), eye problems,including changes or loss of vision, or gum disease.

ProductName                                                            Acarbosetablets

Composition& Active ingredients                           Acarbose

Potency                                                                       25mg,50mg

Therapeuticuse                                                         Type2 Diabetes

Packing                                                                       10X 10 Tablets (Box)

Dosage                                                                        Asper Doctor Prescription


Precautions of Acarbose tablets:

Please informyour doctor if you have any Kidney disorder or have any allergy to any drugs.Acarbose may affect the enzymes level in your blood so your doctor mayprescribe some test before starting medication. This medicine must be takenwith Meal. Kindly consult your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to havebaby or you are breastfeeding mother before starting Acarbose Tablets.

Side Effects of Acarbose tablets:

There are chances of somebelow side effects which may be occur when you start the medication but usuallygoes away over the time.Flatulence, feeling of fullness, or abdominalcramps are some of the most common side effects people faced when they startmedication of Acarbose tablets. It usually goes away in 2-3 days. Pleaseconsult your doctor who may recommend you start on a low dosage and thenincrease it gradually.



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Price Range : 5.00 - 10.00 INR
Unit of Measure : Box/Boxes
Minimum Order Quantity : 1000
Price : 5 INR
Unit of Price : Box/Boxes
Storage Instructions : STORE BELOW 30 DEGREE
Physical Form : Tablets
Suitable For : Suitable For All
Supply Ability : 100000 Per Day
Main Domestic Market : All India
Delivery Time : 3-5 Days
Usage :- Control high blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes
Side effect :- Anti Diabetic Drugs
Benefits :- Anti Diabetic Drugs
Pcd pharma franchise :-
Pcd marketing :-
Manufacturer :- Healthy Life Pharma Pvt Ltd
Exporter :- Healthy Inc
Supplier :- Healthy Life Pharma Pvt Ltd Healthy Inc
Distributor :- Healthy Life Pharma Pvt Ltd Healthy Inc
Seller :- Healthy Life Pharma Pvt Ltd Healthy Inc
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